There’s Only One Thing We Say To Negativity…

A lot has been happening to me recently that’s left me in quite the mood, and a lot of that I cannot change; but what I can change is my attitude.

Lately I’ve felt angry, resentful, failed, misunderstood…to name a few, but I’m tired of being stuck in this whirlwind of negativity, because 1) it’s not helping anything and 2) it’s probably making everything worse.

Yeah, times are sucky right now, in this moment, but if I can just realize that it gets better, it will. I think I was stuck in this mode of ‘I can’t believe this is happening (seriously?)’ and ‘woe is me’ that I kind of lost sight that it’s really not the end of the world. People have gone through so much worse and here I am stressing over my petty (in comparison) problems.

All I can do is accept and move on, move forward. I just need to go with the flow instead of trying to fight the currents, because look at what good that’s doing for me (it’s not). Obviously, this is going to be the new norm and thus I shall embrace it until I can change it. Unfortunately, change is one of those things that take time. I just wish it were easier.

But then again, if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth it. Or is that just something we say to ourselves to feel better? *shrug* I do know, however, that it will get better. I can move onward and upward, and no one can stop me, but myself. I have the control and as long as I’m in charge I choose to be happy and fight for my goals.

Now, I’m gonna go write, something I haven’t done because of all these crazy emotions. What are you going to do?


Nicole Michelle

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