What’s Nicole Up To?


     I bet you’ve wondered, What’s Nicole up to? If not, then you might want to leave this page, because I’m about to explain what exactly it is I’ve been doing lately.  I’m a pretty busy bee (buzz buzz), and am constantly working. So, here’s what I’m doing these days:


Editing Book 2

In Mid November (2013) I finished the second draft of book two. Right now, I’m currently working on draft three. What I’m doing exactly is print it out to see it from a different form (you’d be amazed at how miraculously this works) and I go through with a red pen and mark any mistakes or change anything that doesn’t sound right or mark any inconsistencies. Then I input all my edits into the computer, and Abracadabra draft three is done just like that ;) [Update] This was finito about a month ago :D



This is a huge part of what I do. Like clockwork, I keep sending out as many as possible. I just want representation! Is that so much to ask for? Pitching is apart of the business, like it or not. It’s gotta be done. Gotta get the name out there. I will pitch until I’m picked up; it’s that simple.

Reworking ReiHana (Book 1)

What’s Einstein’s definition of insanity? I’m a believer that staying stagnant gets you nowhere, so if something isn’t working, gotta change it up. First, no query letter I’ve sent out has ever been the same (because that would be insanity), but after getting a series of rejection letters from agents, I decided to rework the first book. I still plan to pitch while I’m reworking it, like I’m going to make that process even longer ha. Balance. Anyway, I’m currently having two brilliant writer friends of mine take a peak at it, and once I’ve got their input, I will be making changes. This will be Draft 6, I believe.


Fantasy Anthology

A bunch of writer friends and I are putting together a Fantasy Anthology of fantasy short stories and poems. So we have deadlines galore with critiquing sessions and stories due and whatnot. Keeps me busy, for sure. Check out the Halloween Collection we did, Crooked Ways :)



I would never forget about you guys ;) Whenever I get the chance to write a blog, I make sure to. The Writer’s Blog is every other Sunday and the weeks in between I try to fill with Nicole In A Nutshell Blogs, just for you guys :3


I’ll be starting school in two days D: Oh no! What lame-sauce-ry is this?? *cries*

Starting Book 3 (officially)

I’ve already got about half the outline done, once I map out the other half I’ll be good to start it…while juggling the other books, of course. [Update] Just finished page 102 in Book three :D And also the rough outline is finished ;)


     Hopefully this helps paint a picture of what my crazy life looks like. So now you know :) Thanks for reading!



Nicole Michelle

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