The New Year 2014


     Happy New Years! I hope everyone’s holidays have been full of nothing but bliss :) One thing I love to do is make lists and put them on my walls (they’re covered with lists ha), so it’s only natural that I make a New Years Resolution list. New Years is a time to not only a time of looking forward, but a time for reflecting, so here you will find my 2014 New Years Resolution list as well as my 2013 list and what I have accomplished in the past year. Enjoy :)


Part one: 2014




Part two: Writing Plans for 2014

Here are some Writing Plans I would like to start up during the glorious 2014 year; however, nothing is set in stone, so fingers crossed!

Sample Chapters

I’ve been going over the pros and cons on putting up a synopsis and sample chapters of ReiHana on my site, and I think I’ve decided I’m going to do it, so stay tuned! Just need to figure out how to do it…


I would really like to start vlogging on YT about writing adventures, but I’m still trying to work out all the details, and also trying to get over looking like a total tard on camera :x

Get An Agent / Book Three

As you can see above, these are on my New Years Resolution list and they will happen!!

Online Store

Somewhere down the line, I’d like to open a little store online. I have sooo many ideas :D But if this happens it’ll definitely be toward the end of 2014 or even possibly 2015. Who knows really haha


Part Three: Reflecting on 2013

Here’s what my list looked like:


Finish My Book!

I did! And actually finished the second one too :D Who’d a thunk it? ;p

Start Looking For An Agent And Start The Publishing Process.

Well…I managed to accomplish half of that haha Still looking! I’ll get there one day.

Lose Weight

What New Years Resolution list doesn’t have this goal? I’m happy to report I lost nearly 30 lbs this year! Still need to lose a little more to get to my goal though, which is why it’s on my list again this year.

Clean More Often

Clean space, clear mind.

Read More

Can’t be a writer without reading, of course.

Keep Growing Out Hair

I did! It’s nearly to the small of my back now, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Save Money


Be Happy And Have Fun!

Always!! ;D


     All in all, I think I’ve done good with last years resolutions. Hopefully this year is just as good! I highly encourage you to make a list for yourself and to set goals, but also to make sure you reflect on how far you’ve come too.
     I really think this will be “the year” for many people. I know it’ll be a good one, so remember to have fun and go along with the ride. Best wishes. Xoxo.


Nicole Michelle

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