NaNoWriMo 2014 WriteTips

2014 Write Tips

62 Tips about Writing from NaNoWriMo to the End of the Year


1. Manuscript (MS) Format: 12pt Courier font, double spaced, 1-1.5 in margins, numbered pgs ‪#WriteTip ‪#NaNoWriMo2014

2. Never write a scene that doesn’t either reveal characterization or move the plot forward #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (2 Nov)

3. Research, research, research! Your knowledge of what you’re writing reflects your credibility as an author #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (3 Nov)

4. Don’t forget sensory descriptions—sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (4 Nov)

5. Never limit yourself to just a single plot—subplots only add to the intrigue and complexity of your novel #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (5 nov)

6. World building is just as important as character building #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (6 Nov)

7. Know who your audience is and write accordingly #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (7 Nov)

8. Try to avoid more than 3 paragraphs of exposition/narration on a single page #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (8 Nov)

9. Beware the cliché #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (9 Nov)

10. Use setting to reflect your character’s emotions #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (10 Nov)

11. Watch for tense shifts because they do more than just messed up the flow << >> #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (11 Nov)

12. Make your antagonist untouchable—that’s scary #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (12 Nov)

13. Dialogue tags don’t need an adjective with them bc most ppl skip over them once they see who’s talking anyway #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (13 Nov)

14. Too many POV shifts can confuse the reader. The less the better. #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (14 Nov)

15. Limit ‘!’ usage! No one likes to be yelled at all the time! #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (15 Nov)

16. Write 3-dimensional characters so the reader can relate #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (16 Nov)

17. Write shorter paragraphs to quicken the pace #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (17 Nov)

18. A Flat Character is like a stale cracker; give your character some flavor #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (18 Nov)

19. You don’t need a dialogue tag every time someone speaks; instead incorporate action to show who’s speaking #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (19 Nov)

20. Show me ‘He’s a good king’ don’t just tell me. How is he a ‘good king’? What does he do that makes him ‘good’? #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (20 Nov)

21. A good way to transition into a flashback is through ‘framing’ the scene #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (21 Nov)

22. Little details speak volumes #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (22 Nov)

23. Don’t give too much away too soon. Leave a little mystery for the reader to figure out for themselves #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (23 Nov)

24. Foreshadow through storytelling, action, and metaphor #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (24 Nov)

25. Never underestimate your readers; they’re smarter than you think #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (25 Nov)

26. Giving your character ‘emotion’ doesn’t mean making them emotional #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (26 Nov)

27. Give your character a voice that screams uniquely above the rest #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (27 Nov)

28. Even minor characters could be round characters, meaning they have depth #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (28 Nov)

29. The best research comes from experience, true, but Google is pretty useful too #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (29 Nov)

30. Always double check to make sure you spelled the Agent’s name right ;) #pitchtip #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (30 Nov)

31. The moment you touch pen to paper your idea and work is under your copyright #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (1 Dec)

32. Mostly, you can x-out words like ‘that’ ‘for a moment’ ‘suddenly’ ‘earning’ ‘started’ & ‘things’ #NaNoWriMo #WriteTip (2 Dec)

33. Expect rejection when pitching. It’s inevitable and nothing personal #WriteTip #pitchtip (3 Dec)

34. An easy way to keep tabs on your characters is character sheets #WriteTip (4 Dec)

35. Don’t underestimate the power of setting #WriteTip (5 Dec)

36. Drop subtle hints throughout for the reader to key-in on #WriteTip (6 Dec)

37. If you’re bored writing a scene, the reader will be bored reading it #WriteTip (7 Dec)

38. There’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ chapter length #WriteTip (8 Dec)

39. The less the reader knows, the higher the tension #WriteTip (9 Dec)

40. Worry about edits later, just get it written down now #WriteTip (10 Dec)

41. Incorporating lyrics in a novel is tricky business and crosses into copyright infringement #WriteTip (11 Dec)

42. Never turn down or resent constructive criticism if you want to grow as a writer #WriteTip (12 Dec)

43. Don’t forget unwoven threads; once they’re in place weave them #WriteTip (13 Dec)

44. If you introduce a character he better have a purpose for being there #WriteTip (14 Dec)

45. Ask yourself, ‘Do I really need a prologue?’ #WriteTip (15 Dec)

46. — (or M-Dash) is just a fancy comma—use for greater impact #WriteTip (16 Dec)

47. Don’t get too attached to anything you write #KillYourDarlings #WriteTip (17 Dec)

48. ‘Protagonist’ is defined as the character that goes through the most change by the end #WriteTip (18 Dec.)

49. The reader is usually right, so listen to them #WriteTip (19 Dec)

50. There’s more to storytelling than just dialogue (unless you’re Hemingway…) #WriteTip (20 Dec)

51.  Write longer paragraphs with heavy descriptions to slow down the pace #WriteTip (21 Dec)

52. ‘Said’ is the invisible word #WriteTip (22 Dec)

53. Don’t rely on flashback, there’s other methods of getting the same info across #WriteTip (23 Dec)

54. Show us how your character feels; really get into their heads #WriteTip (24 Dec)

55. Know your characters—every. little. detail. #WriteTip (25 Dec)

56. Don’t rely on your editor to fix your grammar problems for you #WriteTip (26 Dec)

57. Writing a book is no easy task and certainly not one to be rushed #WriteTip (27 Dec)

58. Share your work & ask for feedback. It’s the only way to know where you stand as a writer #WriteTip (28 Dec)

59. Test the reliability of your narrator #WriteTip (29 Dec)

60. Definitely experiment. Absolutely. But first know the rules. #WriteTip (30 Dec)

61. Trust yourself. If you feel like there’s something wrong with the scene you wrote, you’re probably right #WriteTip (31 Dec)

62. You will always grow as a writer, unless you stop writing altogether #WriteTip (1 Jan)

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