5. Character Sheets

     Character Sheets are a good way to get to know your characters. It’s important to know your characters so you know how they react to certain situations. They contain basic information outlining your character in which you can always refer if need be. Not everyone makes character sheets and that’s fine—completely up to the author. In fact, I didn’t do it for the longest time, until I had too many characters to keep track of.
     Each character sheet is different. Some are very long and detailed and others are simple. Personally, I thought the pre-made character sheets were too much, so I made up my own to what I thought would suit my characters. If you feel like tailoring your own sheets to suit your own books, go for it! In fact it’s probably best to make your own, but not everyone prefers doing that.
     I make a character sheet for all characters, major and minor alike; although I do spend more time with major characters and put in a lot more detail and backstory with them.
     Here’s a list of things that are on my character sheets: full name and nickname, age, birthday (I go the extra step and write down their astrology signs), personality (what the character’s like), eye/hair color, sex, race, job (if any), some of their favorites (food, drink, color, etc.), their dislikes, any unique quirks they may have, their goals/dreams, their role in the story (how they move plot along), and any extra facts that help with plot or backstory.
     There may be details on your character sheets that never appear in the story, but, as the author, you need to know.
     Here’s a picture example of a character sheet I had done for a minor character I ended up deleting:


Sample Char. Sheet

Sample Char. Sheet


     Here are a few links to a three different character sheets, some simple, some complex, in which you can copy or print out:



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