The Author

     Ever since a young age Nicole Michelle knew she wanted to be a writer. For as long as she could remember she loved to write IMG_1252fiction. One of her earliest works (around age eight) was writing a short screenplay named A Tragedy In Time about a young girl finding a lost dog. Nicole quickly grew from writing short screenplays, to writing poems, short stories, and developing her novel. Her goal has always been to become a successful author. Her greatest passion is first and foremost her love for her novel, ReiHana.
     Nicole Michelle currently has her AA-T in English and an AA in Social Science. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing at a California State University. When Nicole is not writing her five-book series or studying for class, she is either working on short stories for an anthology, querying, or attending bi-weekly writers groups (in other words feeding her coffee addiction).
     She decided to do this blog to help all up and coming writers in hopes to answer all the questions she once had about writing that aspiring writers might also have. You may reach Nicole Michelle on twitter: @TheNicole_C, Facebook: Nicole Michelle Blog, Instagram: @thenicole_c, tumblr: nicolemichelleauthor.


The Site

     On this site you will find two blogs. One is advice for writers and the other is a personal blog about my journey to becoming a successful author. I wanted to do the Writers Blog because when I was a growing writer I had a lot of questions that seemed to lack straight answers, so now that I’m a more seasoned writer I hope to answer all those questions for the next generation of up and coming writers. My personal blog, Nicole In A Nutshell, is more so to document and share the ups and downs of becoming an author. I intend to post a new Writers Blog every first and third Sunday of the month. For my personal blog, they will come whenever it’s right or whenever I have something to say ;).

In short:

Writer’s Blog is all about advice for writers.

Nicole In A Nutshell is all about my personal struggles and achievements on my road to authorship and beyond. Rants, raves and everything in between. No filters here. You may come to discover just how crazy—or genius—I am.